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Infinity Slots Casino on Facebook (Review)

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Before starting to review a particular Facebook casino, it should be relevant to touch upon social gambling itself. What is so special about it? What makes millions of users play such games every day? To begin with, social casinos are free. You don’t need to make any deposits for bets. Although no real money can be won either, playing at social casinos delivers a lot of fun. This is due to the highly modern approach to gameplay and visuals. Indeed, video slots with their numerous extra features have managed to become a pretty decent rival to most games in the industry. And what can make such products even more entertaining? That’s right — a social aspect.

Imagine sharing the emotions from a game with your friends, sending them gifts, and more. And all that is entirely free of charge! Furthermore, you can always purchase extra coins in case you’re running out of them. On the other hand, it is by no means necessary, so you can do with free coins you are given as rewards and bonuses (and these are usually quite generous). That said, the term “social gambling” is not fully adequate, as this sort of entertainment actually has nothing to do with gambling. The latter presupposes risk: you bet real cash, and you win real cash. So if it’s true gambling emotions that you are after — and revenues related — then you should probably try some real money online casinos.

Now, back to our subject matter. Thanks to the growing popularity of so-called social gambling, there are many casinos of this kind on Facebook. Today, we are going to take a look at Infinity Slots. What does it have to offer? Is it even worth playing? Read on to find it out!

UA Infinity Slots on YouTube

About the Company

Infinity Slots is owned by one of the leading social casino developers — Murka. The company is headquartered in Limassol (Cyprus). It was founded in 2009 and has earned recognition from millions of players over the past 10 years. Murka has over 500 employees who work hard to create games providing the most immersive experience. They aim to make products with really innovative features, and they do succeed in that. This is why the company is ranked among the world’s top 10 providers of social casino software. The Infinity Slots game on Facebook was launched in 2015. It remains one of the most prominent titles by Murka.

Other Platforms

It is worth mentioning that Facebook is not the only place to enjoy Infinity Slots. For those who are particularly fond of playing games on their phone, there is a special app, both for Android and iOS. You can download it from a corresponding online market — App Store or Google Play. The application allows playing at the casino on your smartphone or tablet. It is fast and easy to use. Aside from this, the game can be downloaded on a PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One from

Infinity Slots GamesGames

Let’s dive into the selection of games that Facebook Infinity Slots offers.

Slot Games

The casino boasts more than 100 amazing slot machines. These include classic fruit machines as well as state-of-the-art video slots. The graphics and design will impress not only lovers of online slots but every gamer as well. Most of the titles feature innovative elements of gameplay, so you are sure to find some captivating products here. One more interesting thing about this casino is that it offers a unique puzzle system. As you play and win, more and more games are unlocked for you to try. This greatly adds to the excitement you get during the gaming process.

Infinity Slots SlotTable Games

Infinity Slots on Facebook is designed specifically for fans of online slot machines. Therefore, there are no table and card games to play at the casino.

Promotions and Rewards

Promos and bonuses are an integral part of any decent casino. But their amounts vary a lot. Let’s look at what we can get at Facebook Infinity Slots.

Free Chips (Coins)

As is the case with all other social casinos, bonuses at Infinity Slots are given primarily in the form of free coins. There are various ways to earn them. Keep reading to learn how it works.

Welcome Bonuses

Players who are new to the casino get a tremendous welcome bonus. This will enable you to become a real high roller.

Daily Bonuses

Spin the wheel of fortune to earn more extra coins every day. There are also weekly and daily challenges, as well as hourly (!) bonus games.

Infinity Slots BonusLoyalty Program

The more you play, the more you get. Users who regularly play at the casino earn a lot more free coins and other privileges. For example, there is a VIP Room for special guests — it contains deluxe slots.


Infinity Slots on Facebook allows you to invite friends and send them coins. It is a great opportunity to please your mates.


Take part in monthly events to earn incredible rewards. Read the details about the current event in the casino or on the official Facebook page.

Game Levels

When you play Facebook Infinity Slots and purchase coins, you get Status Points. They help you progress through levels to get to the next reward system. Each status is characterized by a certain amount of extra free coins and other rewards.

Chips Market

If you are running out of coins, you are always able to buy more. These can be bought using Facebook Pay. The methods include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover. So, to purchase coins, click on Buy at the top of Infinity Slots on Facebook. You will see several options for purchase. These begin from 9,000,000 coins for $5. Not bad, isn’t it? The maximum number of coins you can buy is 900,000,000 — that’s for $100. Visit the casino to check the full list of options.

Infinity Slots Chips MarketCasino Support

If you have any problems with the casino or you would like to ask a question, click on the icon in the top right corner and select Contact Us. You’ll be able to write your message in a live chat with the Murka customer support. By the way, we have tested it ourselves, and we’ve got an immediate answer. In addition, you can read the FAQ. Select this section after clicking the icon in the top left corner.

How to Start Playing (Step by Step)

If you don’t have an account on Facebook yet, then the first step for you will be registration. The process is very simple and will take just a few minutes. Read the following paragraph to know what should be done.

Go to the Facebook website and click on Create New Account. Enter your details — name, password, birth date, e-mail address, phone number. We recommend you provide your real name (both first and second). Then, in case you have any troubles with your account (for instance, it has been hacked and you need to restore it), there will be no problems when verifying your identity.

The next step will be authentication via SMS. A special code will be sent to your number (the one you have specified in the previous step). Enter this code in the appropriate field on the site. As soon as it’s done, your account is ready to use. It will also be useful to upload your photo and fill in some information about yourself. Then your profile will look like that of a real person, and you won’t get banned.

After you sign up, find Infinity Slots through the search bar located at the top of the page. That’s it, now you can play at the casino to your heart’s content. By the way, once you visit the casino, there appears a quick link to it. It is located in the lower-left corner, in the section Your Shortcuts.

Pros & Cons


  • Stunning library of slots with various themes and unique features;
  • Spectacular HD graphics;
  • Interesting system of puzzles to unlock new games;
  • Lots of bonuses and rewards to multiply your free coins;
  • Wonderful loyalty program;
  • VIP room with deluxe slots;
  • More than reasonable prices for extra coins;
  • Ability to invite friends and make the game even more exciting;
  • Monthly events with generous rewards.


  • No table games available;
  • You cannot win real money, nor will you experience all the excitement inherent in real money online casinos.

Questions & Answers

How do I invite friends on Facebook to play Infinity Slots?

To invite your friends on Facebook to Infinity Slots, click on the icon in the top right corner and select Be Social. There you can choose how to send an invitation: via FB, e-mail, or SMS.

What do I do if the Infinity Slots app on Facebook expires?

In case you have any problems with loading the web version of the game, try refreshing the page. If it doesn’t work, restart your browser. If your Internet connection is okay and the problem persists, then your browser may need to be updated. Also, there might not be enough RAM in your device to run the game. If you are using the mobile app and it seems to have “expired”, just update (reinstall) it.

How can I delete and reinstall Infinity Slots on Facebook?

Speaking of the mobile app, if you feel that it starts to freeze, then it most likely needs reinstalling. The process is as simple as that. Delete the application from your device. Go to the appropriate market (Google Play, App Store) and install the app again. If the problem remains, check your device or contact user support.

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