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MyVEGAS Slots on Facebook (Review)

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Have you ever dreamed of making your personal Las Vegas? MyVEGAS Slots on Facebook are at your service.

Here you can feel yourself an imperious owner of numerous casinos. For you, the master of slots, MyVEGAS Casino has prepared a good choice of high-qualitative games and beneficial bonuses that strike with their generosity. Lavish promotions, a great number of free-chips sources, a thought-out loyalty program, tasks, levels, rewards will help you to raise your status and possession.

Come and build your gambling kingdom!

MyVEGAS Slots on YouTube

About the Company

MyVEGAS on Facebook is a well-known casino game released by PLAYSTUDIOS in 2012. By the way, Pop Slots casino was also released by this provider.

Powered by Helpshift, MyVEGAS has reached unbelievable popularity with an audience of over 3 million users only on Facebook! Developers have done a good job. They introduced 50 slots for any taste, a bright lobby, easy-to-understand navigation, regular promotions. That’s what makes MyVEGAS Casino the way it is: colourful, striking, fascinating.

What makes the MyVEGAS platform on Facebook excel other sites? It is a Fan Page. It is a helpful assistant for all players. Promo codes, free chips, terms of events, and other important information is located here.

Other Platforms

You can play on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All of the social networks provide access to the casino.

Unfortunately, there is no MyVEGAS Facebook apps for mobile devices. But, you can always log in with your smartphone. The interface of MyVEGAS is mobile-friendly, so it won’t cause any inconvenience.

All Games of myVegas Slots App on FacebookGames

MyVEGAS Free Slots on Facebook provides a good choice of 50 slots for any taste. Despite the fact that the casino focuses mainly on slots, you can test MyVEGAS Blackjack – a simple table game easy for understanding.

All of the gambles have good graphics, fast-moving animation, and several features that make each play beneficial.

Just take a look at them!


There are 50 slots for any taste in the lobby.

Among them, you can find progressive plays that only raise the number of potential wins with each hour.  In addition to general and progressive plays, you can try yourself at High Roller available to users with high VIP status. At High Rollers slots, you can hit such a great jackpot you’ve never dreamed of.

So, here, at MyVEGAS Slots on Facebook, you can experience different gambles of all themes you like. Mystery, Asia, Films, Cartoons, Plays, and so on. There is a devil’s playground for entertainment.

Aside from simple slots, there is a city of Vegas you built step by step discovering new slots. The more you play, the richer your city is. The richer it is, the more chips you receive per hour.

myVegas Slots Slots GameTable Games

On Facebook, MyVEGAS provides only one table game. It is Blackjack named “MyVEGAS Blackjack”.

Despite the fact that there is no choice of table games, this play is of good quality. You can have a rest of all the slots and enjoy the hazard of a legendary card game.

Promotions & Rewards

Speaking of promotions and rewards, they are on a high level.

Regular events, frequent offers that amaze with generosity and lavishness, tasks, bonuses, free chips on the Facebook Fan Pagethis is what makes the casino so attractive.

Keep reading our review to get more details about MyVEGAS promotions and rewards.

Free Chips (Coins)

There is a great variety of ways to get chips at MyVEGAS Casino. You can gather daily bonuses, participate in events, complete the tasks, and even buy chips. All the opportunities will be described in detail, but a bit later.

MyVEGAS free chips given on Facebook are much more interesting. To get them, visit the MyVEGAS Fan Page. There you will find posts with active links. Follow the links and enjoy the boost. Terms of the offers are attached to the post.

Stay tuned on the page for any changes. Don’t miss hot promotions.

Welcome Bonuses

As for the welcome bonuses, there is an initial amount of chips evaluating up to 1,500,000. It is enough to get a jump start in the field of slots.

To top up the balance, complete the tasks given on the left side of the lobby. Collect fragments playing the games and unlock rewards.

The first passed challenge awards you with 500,000 chips, the second challenge – with 1M chips, the third – with 1,2M, and the final –  with 1,5M.

Rush with MyVEGAS welcome bonuses and conquer the casino!

Daily Bonuses

Among daily bonuses, we can identify the Daily Wheel that can please you with a huge amount of chips up to 2M. It pops up as soon as you enter the casino for the first time in a day.

Then, there is 50,000 chips at Chips’ Market replenishing every 3 hours.

And, of course, there are gifts for regular entering the casino. With each day the bonus multiplier and the amount of chips increase. Also, here you can get the VIP points necessary for raising the VIP level.

In addition to MyVEGAS gifts, there are daily challenges that bring up to several hundreds of chips per task.

Daily Bonus of myVegas Slots GameLoyalty Program

The VIP program consists of 7 VIP levels. To upgrade your VIP status, collect VIP points (MVPs). You can get the points by spinning the Daily Wheel, purchasing Bundles from the Store, and playing other eligible apps.

The first level is Turquoise. Then follows the Amethyst, Opal, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, and Tanzanite.

  • The Turquoise requires 10 MVP points. The level brings 10% of a daily bonus multiplier along with 15,000 of Daily Chip E-mail.
  • To get the Amethyst status, gather 75 MVPs. As you collect them, the Amethyst level opens for you the Chip Package bonus of 10%. The daily bonus multiplier raises till 20%, Daily Chip E-mail – till 40,000 chips. The offer is active for 7 days. So, hurry up to use the boost!
  • Then follows the Opal level. You need 300 MVP points for opening the status. It lasts for 15 days. Here, the daily bonus multiplier is 30%. The Daily Chip E-mail is 80,000 chips. The Chip Package is 25%.
  • The Emerald level’s requirement is 1600 MVPs and activates the boost for 30 days. It gives 160,000 chips of Daily E-mail, 50% of a daily bonus multiplier, and 50% of Chip Package bonus.
  • With 5,500 MVP points, you open the Sapphire status available for 45 days. Here you receive 75% of the daily bonus multiplier and the Chip Package bonus. The Daily Chip E-mail grows up to 300,000. Besides, you get Priority Support, which will be reserved till the last VIP level.
  • The Ruby level requires 22,000 MVPs for 60 days of the VIP Period. With it, you receive 150% of the daily bonus multiplier, 100% of the Chip Package bonus, and 700,000 chips of a Daily E-mail.
  • Finally, here’s the Tanzanite level. There are 60,000 MVPs for 90 days. It unlocks the feature of Personal Host. It gives you 250% of the daily multiplier, 150% of the Chip Package bonus, and 1,500,000 chips of a Daily E-mail.

With each level, the bonus multiplier increases. The Daily Chip E-mail grows along with the size of the Chip Package bonus.


A friend in the market is better than money in the chest.

Here the amount of additional chips you receive per day depends on the number of friends playing MyVEGAS Casino you have. So, visit the Fan Page, add friends, and share gifts!

Also, MyVEGAS Slots kindly share free chips on Facebook. You can take these gifts from the Fan Page.


Along with numerous gifts and bonuses, MyVEGAS provides regular events.

What do we mean by saying “event”? It is a promotion limited in time and consisting of sales and tasks. Most of them are connected with holidays and significant days of the year.

Apart from promotions held within the casino, there are free MyVEGAS chips on Facebook Fan Page. These promotions also appear depending on the date.


One of the most remarkable features used in MyVEGAS Casino is a level system.

The system contains game and VIP levels.

To raise the game level, play slots. Each level unlocks games of a higher rank and brings a great number of chips for you to continue the play. The higher your level is, the more bonuses you receive.

As for VIP levels, they depend on your regular participating in promotions and logging in. Each level raises the bonus multiplier and chances for an unbelievable winning.

Chips Market

If you feel like there are not enough chips for the play, visit MyVEGAS Store. There you can always find permanent offers that will please you with the price.

Don’t forget that at the bottom of the Store page there is a button with 50,000 MyVEGAS chips on Facebook replenishing every 3 hours.

myVegas Slots Chips MarketSupport

At the bottom of the lobby, you can find the link leading to the MyVEGAS Support section. The searching bar for questions, a profound FAQ system, and active links leading to answers make the Support convenient to use.

How to Start Playing

The most convenient way of logging in and playing is to register with Facebook. One of the huge benefits of using Facebook as a casino account is that you will always be in touch with updates. Messages about promotions, events, and bonuses will remind you to enter the game in time.

To plunge into the brilliance of MyVEGAS, follow these simple steps:

  • Create a Facebook account. For it, you need to fill the registration form. State there your name, surname there. Give your telephone number or e-mail address. Think of a strong password. Confirm your data by connecting with your telephone number or e-mail address.
  • Log in to your Facebook account. In the upper left corner, you can see a searching bar. Enter “MyVEGAS Slots” into space. The searching bar will give out the result.
  • Follow the given link. Find the button “Play” on MyVEGAS Official Page. Press it and immerse yourself in the world of gambling.

If you have already created an account, all that’s left to do is to check if it is in condition or not.

In case MyVEGAS doesn’t connect to Facebook, try to log in with Instagram or Twitter. There are also MyVEGAS platforms that you can use.

The login algorithm is the same as on Facebook. Create an account and enjoy the play.

Pros & Cons


  • The interface is mobile-friendly;
  • A lot of daily bonuses;
  • A profound loyalty program;
  • Fast payments;
  • A developed Fan Page;
  • Promo codes for topping up the game balance;
  • There is no risk of losing money.


  • There is no real money game;
  • No apps;
  • The range of slots is not of great diversity;
  • Only one table game to play.

Questions & Answers

Is the MyVEGAS Casino Game legit?

On Facebook, MyVEGAS Slots are reliable due to the fact that the casino works under Facebook jurisdiction and is powered by Helpshift. There is no necessity for special licenses because it is not about a realmoney game. It is about having fun with the game currency.

Are there any hacks for extra chips?

Unfortunately, there are no hacks for extra chips. But still, you can always get free MyVEGAS chips on Facebook. Just visit the Fan Page and follow an appropriate link. To get any information about the offer, read the description attached to the post.

How to get a promo code for MyVEGAS Casino?

To get MyVEGAS Facebook codes, look through the Fan Page, participate in contests and inner events. Promo codes appear constantly, so you will have the opportunity to use them.

How to get free chips (coins) for MyVEGAS Casino?

MyVEGAS Facebook free chips are distributed throughout the casino. There are welcome and daily bonuses, events, gifts. Apart from inner bonuses, there are additional promotions located on the Fan Page.

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