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Cashman Casino on Facebook (Review)

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Cashman Casino on Facebook is one of the most popular Facebook casino games, such as Big Fish casino and even GSN casino. Simple navigation, easy-to-understand slots along with pleasant bonuses are here for you. These and other cool features await you on the expanses of this establishment.

Simplicity is the main highlight used by Cashman Casino. Bright posters welcome you in the lobby. 24 games for amateurs to spend pastime in a homelike atmosphere are right here.

If you want to get acquainted with common features of playing slots, you are on a right track. The Cashman Casino warmly welcomes everybody.

Cashman Casino on YouTube

About the Company

Cashman Casino has started a marvellous way of growth. It works under Product Madness Company that was built up in 2007 by two successful graduates of Stanford Business MBA. Thanks to their love of gambles, we have tremendous platforms with catching slots to play at any time.

Having taken Product Madness’s development as a basis, Cashman performs a good result. By now, it has gathered an audience of more than 200.000 players. Experience in creating colourful games makes all the platforms established by Product Madness stand out.

Apart from colourful games, Cashman Casino provides promo codes on Facebook Fan Page. Numerous active links open additional coins that gift you a chance to hit a jackpot. It can be a helpful boost for your account. Catch your luck and use them!

Games at Cashman Casino on FacebookOther Platforms

There are several ways to access Cashman Casino. You can play the Cashman Casino on Facebook. It is the easiest and the most spread approach to logging in. Then, you can access it from Instagram.

Finally, there is a variant of downloading Cashman Casino from Google Play Market. Install the app on your mobile device and enjoy the play. Thus, you can keep in touch with the lobby constantly!


Unfortunately, there are not so many games to play at Cashman Casino on Facebook. Only 24 slots are provided here. Nevertheless, the choice of slots is justified. There are high-qualitative games that will satisfy even an inveterate gambler.


There are 24 slots to play at Cashman Casino. Here we should pay attention, not to the quantity, but the quality. It is worth mentioning, that all the gambles you see are “native”. In other words, all of them were developed by the founding company.

From time to time you can come across such negative comments, as “Cashman Casino plays like shit on Facebook” or “Cashman Casino on Facebook is slow”. Don’t pay much attention. These remarks are baseless. Most of them were caused by a malfunction of the user’s equipment.

We’ve experienced this platform and can surely say – there is nothing of that kind!

Of course, some slots require time for loading. It depends on the animation. If the animation is developed, your device needs time to handle the task. Stay calm, it’s worth it.

So, if you want to try something unusual, something new, you need to go to the Cashman Casino on Facebook. Original games of high quality will appeal to you.

Slot Games at the Cashman CasinoPromotions & Rewards

Rewards are regular, though not very lavish. Here you can benefit from welcome and daily bonuses along with promotions from the Fan Page.

Free Chips (Coins)

You don’t have to do anything special to get extra coins for the play. Just visit the fan page on Facebook.

Here, you can find a great number of posts with active links. They replenish the number of coins available on your account. Posts appear on the page regularly. Stay tuned on the site for any changes.

Welcome Bonuses

As for the welcome bonuses, there is a bonus extended for three days. For the first entrance, you receive 20,000 coins. For the second day – 40,000 coins. For the final – 80,000. Each day doubles the sum of the prize you get from the offer.

Daily Bonuses

There are three daily bonuses provided at Cashman Casino on Facebook. Here you can hit a jackpot that will raise your game balance in a moment.

The first is the Wheel you spin with the first entrance. It is renewed every 18 hours.

The second is the Turbo Reward. At Turbo Reward, you can withdraw the gift every 3 hours.

Finally, Instant Reward. Every 15 minutes bring you some coins that can be the most significant coins of all time.

Daily Jackpot at Cashman Casino on FacebookEvents

Pop-up ads always remind you of the beneficial promotions you can buy. Several offers of an insignificant cost can do a good job. Also, you can get info about some events on the Fan Page on Facebook.


With each level, you receive a valuable amount of coins – 40,000 coins from the beginning. The higher your game level is, the more coins for the play you get.

In addition to gift coins, you raise the size of bets. With the size of a bet, the possibility to hit a grand jackpot also grows.

To raise your level, play slots are provided in the lobby.

Playing a particular slot for a long time in succession, you increase the multiplier of wins. So, for the first time the multiplier is x1, then x2, and so on.

Chips Market

In the upper right corner, there is a button “Buy” that gives access to Coin Shop.

The range of promotions is presented in 6 offers. The larger your offer is, the more extra coins you receive. The most expensive one brings up to 400% extra coins.

Chips Market at Cashman CasinoSupport

The support team of Cashman Casino is always ready to help you.

All the problems, such as “Cashman Casino slots don’t load on Facebook from computer” or “I can’t connect to Cashman Casino on Facebook” can be easily solved with the team.

Press “Support” at the bottom of the screen. Then, you will see a profound Support Section of the Product Madness Company.

Here, you can use a searching bar for finding a solution. Briefly describe the problem you have and press “Enter”. About 100 similar questions with answers will raise in front of you. Look through them and decide, whether you still need help or not.

Then, you can see a Live Chat in the lower right corner. Open it and ask all the urgent questions you have. The team will give you the answer instantly.

Finally, requests. If you have serious difficulties with the casino, pass over to it.  Fill the form to get a detailed answer on your issue.

How to start playing at CASHMAN CASINO (step by step)

How to sign in to the Cashman Casino with Facebook?

There are three simple steps to follow registering at the Cashman Casino.

  • Make sure you have a Facebook account. If you have never tried Facebook, find this social network in the browser. Create an account. For it, you have to state your name and surname. Then, specify your telephone number (or e-mail address) and a strong password. The last step here is to verify your account, connecting it with one of the sources you’ve mentioned.
  • On Facebook, find a searching bar at the top of the page. Enter “Cashman Casino” there. Press “Enter”. You’ll see the link that leads to the Cashman Casino Official Page.
  • Find the button “Play” on the Official Page. It will transport you to the lobby.

Enjoy your play!

Especially for amateurs to play on the go, Cashman Casino has prepared a mobile app. You can download it from Google Play Market. Install the app on your mobile device and enter the casino with your Facebook account.

That’s all! You are ready for the play.

Pros & Cons


  • A good platform for beginners – user-friendly interface;
  • Easy-to-understand navigation;
  • A lot of free daily bonuses renewed in several hours or even minutes;
  • Profound Fan Page with the diversity of bonuses;
  • Promo codes and free coins available on Facebook Fan Page;
  • Fast payments;
  • Possibility to play on the go – mobile app is your solution;
  • No risk of losing money.


  • The choice of slots is not diversified;
  • The absence of table games or other gambles;
  • Promotions are not so frequent as we would like;
  • No real-money games.

Questions & Answers

Is the Cashman Casino Game legit?

No doubt, Cashman Casino is legit. Being developed by a reliable company Product Madness, it is served under Facebook jurisdiction.
It is not a real-money game, so there is no necessity to keep a close eye on the games.

Are there any hacks for extra chips?

Regretfully, there are no workarounds possible to outwit the casino. But still, if you feel the lack of coins, use links from the Fan Page on Facebook. They are a good opportunity to replenish your game balance.

How to get a promo code for Cashman Casino?

To get a promo for Cashman Casino, visit the Facebook Fan Page. There are a lot of promotions giving free bonuses. Among them, you can find the promos you need.

How to get free chips (coins) for Cashman Casino?

Here Facebook Fan Page and inner daily bonuses are at your service.
Daily Wheel can bring up to several hundreds of coins at once. Boxes add several tens of thousands.
There is a great variety of active links on the Fan Page renewed regularly. Some of them may be tremendous. Numerous additional bonuses of free coins are waiting for you to come and use them.

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