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High 5 Casino Review: Top Games & Bonuses


What is High 5 Casino? High 5 Casino is a sweepstakes platform that will help you face incredible fun from social casino games. It is easy to play on the resource, and this process is going to be marked by a variety of worthy rewards. Read on to get more essential info on the platform.


Short Summary

High 5 Casino online will provide you not just with a wide selection of titles (there are more than 800 slots on the platform) but also the chance to win really impressive prizes. It is the top social casino of 2023 (EGR Awards). By the way, more than 30 million players have already tested High 5!

You can be involved in games in two ways. First of all, you are free to stick to Game Coins. Or, you may choose to play with High 5 Casino Sweeps Coins (High 5 Casino Sweepstakes). This is a perfect variant for those who intend to have fun for real prizes and redeem the rewards. 

The beginners will receive a welcome offer and will be able to have a really pleasant start on the site. Plus, there are some other rewards to hunt for. This means that your leisure at High 5 Casino is about to be really special!


Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages that refer to High 5 Casino Vegas slot games platform:



  • The selection of titles is rather impressive (you get to choose from slots and table options);
  • A welcome offer includes not just Game Coins and Sweeps Coins but the Diamonds as well;
  • The mobile app is easy to deal with, and it is provided both for Android and iOS owners;
  • There is a chance to exchange prizes for gift cards which is pretty unusual and cool;
  • You are about to enjoy brilliant High 5 Casino slots Facebook features from High 5 Games provider;
  • You may play without spending money (it is called High 5 Casino free play; but this is something that characterizes all reliable sweepstakes online casinos).



  • Residents from certain US states are not able to participate in the activities offered on the platform;
  • The initial app (the games on the site) loads rather slowly;
  • You will need to provide relevant data to receive full-fledged access to the platform (date of birth, address, phone number, etc.)



High 5 Casino reviews are a good way to learn more about the platform. For instance, 45% of Trustpilot give 5 stars to this online casino. By the way, you can also see that this is a verified company here at Trustpilot.

If you have a glance at Ask Gamblers, you won’t find too much data about the platform. However, the final verdict stated in the review on this site is rather positive.

By the way, there is also a sense in exploring the High 5 Casino Facebook page. You can see that players are in love with quite a few titles and find them a lot of fun to deal with.


Is High 5 Casino Legit?

High 5 Casino legit aspect is something that is relevant for the majority of potential players. It has already been mentioned that the casino is marked as a verified company at Trustpilot. This proves the legality of the platform in a certain sense. By the way, don’t forget that you need to be at least 18 to participate in anything that is offered on the platform named High 5 Casino. Follow below if you want to receive more data in connection with this aspect.



A standard gambling license is not required as soon as the platform does not provide real-money games (accordingly, the High 5 Casino real money phrase does not characterize this social casino resource).



The resource is owned by High 5 Entertainment, LLC. This is a reliable owner so you can be confident about entering the site and app (the answer to the question “Is High 5 Casino legit” may be considered positive).



Sweeps play on the platform is provided just for the residents of the United States and Canada. However, there are certain exceptions. High 5 Casino is not accessible in the Washington, Michigan, Nevada, and Idaho states. Plus, those living in the Canadian province of Quebec are not allowed to play either.


How Does High 5 Casino Work?

It is up to you to decide which variant of playing to stick to. First of all, you can use Game Coins to deal with the High 5 Casino slot machine games for fun. If you have the intention to win real money prizes, you are about to need some Sweeps Coins (this is promotional play). But remember that you are not obliged to make purchases to play the games and win.

Does High 5 Casino pay real money? This is not a real-money platform but you may redeem prizes for cash which is loved by plenty of users.



This is what you need to consider from this High 5 Casino review: there are 4 currencies on the resource. This is an aspect that differentiates the platform from other top-rated social casinos (typically, there are fewer currencies to deal with). Here they are:


  • High 5 Casino Coins (HC);
  • Game Coins (GC);
  • Sweeps Coins (SC);
  • Diamonds.

You will need HC to play games in the Standard Social Gameplay on the Classic Platform. Game Coins are pretty much identical to HC but they are utilized to play games in Standard Social Gameplay on the H5C Sweeps Platform. 

The next kind of currency is presented by the High 5 Casino Sweeps Coins. They are accessible for gameplay on the H5C Sweeps Platform when players decide to deal with the Sweeps Play. You cannot buy this type of High 5 Casino real slots free coins. SC are valid within 60 days from the last login to the platform. Do not ignore such a fact and try to be as active as possible!

There is also a secondary currency on the platform which is called Diamonds. You can use Diamonds at the point of being involved in the Sweeps Play. However, you may also take advantage of these coins when you are playing with HC on the H5C Classic Platform (High 5 Casino descargar gratis). There is no opportunity to refer to Diamonds when dealing with the Standard mode. 


Gold Coins

There are no Gold Coins at High 5 slots Casino. Instead, there are Game Coins to deal with. They do not have monetary value just like HC, and there are quite a few ways to gain them. It is essential to keep in mind that Game Coins can be purchased from the High 5 Casino for valid currency. 


High 5 Casino Site

First of all, you will get to deal with the entry page of the High 5 Club. You are free to complete the sign-up process from thee. After this, you are going to get to the initial app of the platform. Feel free to plunge into playing any of the casino High 5 real slots that seem to be the most exciting for you.




It is certainly a smart idea to claim the High 5 Games Casino prizes you are about to be provided with. They will not only help you to succeed more. You will feel more satisfied in all aspects when dealing with the games that are suggested on the platform.

Do not forget to double-check the data about the rewards you are offered. The matter is that the rules and conditions of bonuses and High 5 Casino free chips may change. By the way, wise users also study the Terms and Conditions given on the site and in the app.

Note that you are not going to need any High 5 Casino promo codes or High 5 casino bonus codes to be eligible for any of the offers listed below. As for High 5 Casino hack (High 5 Casino real slots cheats) stuff, it is not officially allowed. However, there is some data on this on the Net.


No Deposit Bonus

High 5 Casino no deposit bonus is the reward that is given to those who decide to become members of the platform. Actually, this is a sign-up bonus. You can study the data on it below.


Sign Up Bonus

High 5 sweepstakes casino suggests a rather impressive welcome bonus, and the newcomers shouldn’t ignore it. To be exact, you have an opportunity to collect 250 Game Coins, 5 SC, and 600 diamonds. Isn’t it enough for the very beginning? Note that the High 5 Casino sign up bonus offer is not going to work for the users from the restricted territories.

As long as you log in, you can expect to collect the High Five Casino bonus gift as well.


Free Spins

It is essential to mention Rapid Rewards and Game Boosts that are provided at High 5 Casino. They are governed by the official Sweepstakes Rules that are introduced on the resource. 

Rapid rewards flash prizes have been recently presented to the players. You will need to click on the Rapid Rewards tab to deal with a High 5 Casino slots game of this kind.

You are welcome to activate the Boosts using Diamonds. They can be utilized to get some High 5 Casino free spins for playing the High 5 free casino slots.


Free Coins

It depends on what kind of free coins (High 5 Casino) you intend to obtain. The answer to the question “How to get free coins for High 5 Casino?” starts with HC. They can be received for free via the following ways:


  1. A daily bonus.
  2. A free allotment (every 4 hours).
  3. Winning spins in Standard Social Gameplay.
  4. Sticking to a daily wheel spin.

As for Game Coins, there are just the same alternatives that will help you to collect High 5 Casino free credits of this type.

Note that there are a few ways to receive High 5 Casino free Sweeps Coins on the platform. They are indicated below.


  1. You can get free High 5 Casino Coins of this type as a bonus when you decide to purchase H5C Coins or Game Coins.
  2. Collecting daily allowance when logging in to the platform.
  3. Spinning a daily wheel.
  4. Sending a request card by mail (this is an alternative mode of entry). The address is given on the site of High 5 Casino.

If you want to gain Diamonds (free High 5 Casino credits), it is real to do so by means of logging in and getting a CRM Award. Plus, you are welcome to make a purchase of HC and/or GC and get Diamonds as a gift.



Such a kind of reward is missing here on the platform. However, you will get to enjoy plenty of other bonuses that will make your participation super special.


Loyalty Program

There is a VIP system here at High 5 social casino. There are seven levels in the program. You become a member automatically. All you need to do is just to start playing any of the games offered on the resource. You are welcome to earn VIP points via:


  • Playing the titles that seem to be exciting to you;
  • Returning to the platform on a regular basis;
  • Buying coin packages;
  • Sending gifts to your friends;
  • Telling about your experience on social networks. Note that your account has to be connected via Facebook to be eligible for VIP points in this case.

The levels differ by the perks you can get. The greater your level is, the more High 5 Casino slots gratis you can unlock. Apart from this, you will be able to receive a bigger daily boost. Plus, coin store deals will also be more beneficial. Don’t forget that you are welcome to enjoy premium customer support when reaching some of the last levels as well.

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It is great that you will be suggested the rules and odds for the free High 5 Casino games in the paytables. The selection of games includes more than 800 titles to choose from. All of these open and run perfectly fine. So, are you ready for the incredible fun?



There are quite a few free High 5 Casino games that are marked as Hot. Here are just several names of these High 5 Casino real slots:


  • Candy Jar Clusters;
  • The Empress Josephine;
  • City of Lights;
  • 5 Frozen Charms Megaways;
  • Candy Blitz, etc.


Player Account

It is essential to create an account on the platform if you intend to be a full-fledged member of the resource and be involved in social casino games. Follow below to explore the most crucial points that have to deal with this process:


  • You may create an account via Facebook;
  • You cannot use the accounts of other users without their permission;
  • All data you provide has to be clear and correct;
  • It is necessary to contact the support if you want to change some info in the profile;
  • You are allowed to register just one account.

As long as you are done with the High 5 Casino real slots login, you will be able to look around and see what is given there.

First of all, you will see how many coins you have (this refers to different kinds of these). There is a Quick Buy button to deal with. It will redirect you to make a purchase when you are ready for this (but remember that you are not obliged to proceed with it). Keep in mind that you earn VIP points when making purchases.

Apart from this, you will also access Facebook High 5 Casino real slots in your personal account. There are features and hot titles to familiarize yourself with. Plus, you can add specific titles to favorites if you feel like doing it. You are also welcome to explore such sections as Leaderboards, Jackpots, and Rapid Rewards.

When you are in your personal account, you are welcome to study the data in connection with the game levels in connection with certain titles. Plus, you will get to study such info as the number of coins you earned and max win.

You can also turn on or turn off the sound in the profile depending on which alternative is more convenient for you. Players will have the opportunity to manage the settings of vibration, notifications, and change their password. 

By the way, there is a Help section as well. You may not just refer to the Help Center but clear your cache, join a High 5 Community in Discord, and delete your account. What is more, the users can check for pending purchases here.



Do you feel like you are ready to join a social platform named High 5 Casino? The key point to know about is this one: you will do it within just a few minutes. Read on to get the details about the High 5 Casino sign up.


  1. Enter the homepage of the High 5 Casino Club.
  2. Find the button saying Sign Up! (it is offered to players at the top-right corner of this page).
  3. Follow it, and decide which option of the sign-up is the most convenient for you. You may continue with Apple, Google, or Facebook, or choose a traditional sign-up variant (by means of your email address). Simply deal with the instructions in the first three cases. 
  4. If you want to join using an email, click on this alternative. It says “Register with username/email”.
  5. State the username, email address, and password.

This is actually it. As you see, it is really easy to become a member of the platform.


Login to High 5 Casino

High 5 Casino login is super easy: you will not have to complete too many actions to deal with this process. Simply enter the homepage of the site and do the following:


  1. Click on the Log In button given at the right part of it.
  2. Pick one of the accessible logging-in alternatives (Apple, Google, Facebook, or with username/email).
  3. Stick to the instructions when signing in via the first three variants. If you have selected the last option, simply state your email and password.

If you are entering a High 5 slots casino via the app, things are pretty much the same. You need to pick the option saying “Yes, sign me in” (this is the answer to whether you have a Club High Five account). As long as you are done with this, it is vital to select the option for sign-up (via Apple, Google, Facebook, or email). The first three options require confirmation and following the instructions. 

If you are choosing the login (High 5 Casino) via email, you will have to provide your correct email address and password (this data was entered at the step of the sign-up). 


Account Deactivation

Remember that your account will be deactivated in case the team of the platform suspects fraud or any related activities. Besides, the account can be terminated if it deems Dormant. A key reason for this is as follows: there has been no login to the account within 60 days.

However, some players may consider closing the account themselves. If this is the case, you need to refer to the email of the support team and make an appropriate request. There is a chance to reopen the account by means of writing to support again with such a demand.


How to Make a Deposit

As soon as this is not a real-money online casino, you do not really make a deposit here on the platform. Instead, you will make a purchase of coins when you are ready for this. This is what is essential in connection with it:


  1. You need to log in to your personal account.
  2. Enter the Buy section to see what packs are accessible.
  3. Pick the offer that suits you most and proceed with the purchase. Those having iOS devices can do it via the Apple accounts.


Payment Methods

Keep in mind that purchases of any type of virtual currency are possible in USD only. Here are the options you can stick to when making purchases:


  • PayPal;
  • Interac;
  • Credit and debit cards;
  • MuchBetter;
  • ecoPayz, etc.


Withdrawal Methods

Note that SC must be played a minimum of one time to be eligible for redemption. SC you win while playing are going to be added to your redeemable balance.

A redemption request for cash is possible when you have at least 100 SC. When you have at least 50 SC, you can choose to redeem them for gift cards which is also a lot of fun. There is a Redeem button you will need to stick to on the screen. You will get to enjoy the chance to select a gift card from the ones that are suggested to you. You will receive an email with your gift card as long as the request is approved. If you want to redeem the prizes for cash, simply follow the Cash out option. You will be offered a variety of payment methods to deal with. 1 SC is redeemable for 1 USD.

You can stick to such withdrawal variants as:


  • PayPal;
  • Skrill;
  • Trustly.

The process of withdrawal can take different time. It may occupy from one to five days until you receive your cash.


High 5 Casino App

High 5 Casino apps are really convenient for daily participation. You will be able to enjoy incredibly smooth gameplay if you decide to download and install the app on your device (regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS).


Mobile Version

However, you can also choose to play High 5 Casino games in the browser of your mobile device. But the majority of users state that it is more handy to deal with the High 5 Casino iPad app (and the app for Android gadgets).



Those having Android devices will be able to enjoy any of the High 5 Casino real slots online without any hardships. You may visit Google Play and get the app there. It is essential to download and install it. Or, you can choose to play in the mobile browser (High 5 Casino Android).



High 5 Casino app for iOS is very simple to download and install. By the way, its size is just 258 Mb. The app requires iOS 12.4 or later. If you are not willing to use the High 5 Casino iOS app, you can opt to access the site in Safari.



Those having tablets can enjoy either the download and setup of the app or dealing with the browser as well. Simply think of which option is more convenient for you, and go ahead and deal with any of the games (High 5 Casino iPad) that tempt you so much!



The means of High 5 Casino customer service are introduced for the sake of providing the players with fast and responsive help when it is relevant for them. You can stick to emailing or explore Zendesk. By the way, it is reasonable enough to scan this Help area before you refer to the team. 

All the data at Zendesk is divided into sections. This means that you will get to find the stuff that interests you rather quickly. 



Emailing the team of High 5 Casino real is one of the most effective measures of High 5 Casino help to stick to. The email address is indicated right on the platform, and you are welcome to make a request at any time when you feel like doing it.


Facebook Messenger

This is not a rather common way to demand assistance and contact High 5 Casino but you can still refer to such an alternative. This might be especially handy for those who spend a lot of time on Facebook. By the way, it is very convenient to access High 5 Casino games on Facebook.


High 5 Casino Community

High 5 Casino fun platform is a great social casino resource to deal with. But you have a decent chance to gain even more benefits if you stick to the High 5 Casino community of the brand on some social networks.



High 5 Casino Facebook fan page will provide you with the opportunity to stay tuned for the most amazing games and bonuses. By the way, you may receive some rewards by means of liking and sharing a post of High 5 Casino on Facebook. It is also really cool that you can have a look at the winners who were really lucky on the platform here on the High 5 Casino fan page.



If you decide to follow High 5 Casino on Twitter, you will receive data on the most exciting games on the platform. Apart from this, you are welcome to explore the info on the exclusive promos and High 5 Casino updates. The dates of the promos are normally indicated as well.

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Casinos Like High 5 Casino

The necessity to stick to casinos like High 5 Casino can take place when the user wants to diversify his social casino experience. Such an intention is absolutely normal, and you are more than welcome to test other platforms. By the way, it is essential to note that you will be coming across games like High 5 Casino on the resources that are similar to this one.

So, some of the platforms that remind High 5 Casino real slot platform are as follows:


  • PulsZ Casino;
  • Wow Vegas Casino;
  • Fortune Coins;
  • Chumba Casino, and others.





How can I gain High 5 Casino free coins?

There are several options for doing this. But it also depends on what kind of coins you would like to collect. Some of the accessible methods are presented by the daily login, making purchases and receiving coins as a gift, sending a mail request, etc.

What High 5 Casino games free should I pick?

High 5 Games provider presents you with a wonderful selection of titles to have a glance at.

How long the High 5 Casino games download is about to take?

You will spend no longer than a few minutes to download and install the app.

How to win (High 5 Casino)?

Simply enjoy the playing and try to be an active participant. This way you will collect enough coins to redeem them for real prizes later!

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